Never Before Heard Sounds

Front-end and product development for browser-based sound production studio, powered by machine learning. (Lit, Typescript, HTML, CSS)

BEAM by Lunacy Audio

Front-end development for audio effects VST plugin, built with elementary audio. (React, Typescript, HTML, CSS, JUCE)


Proximity: An Interactive Audiovisual Installation

Created with Max/MSP, Jitter, and Kinect, this continuously immersive installation allows the user to control an audiovisual synthesizer with their body and motions. Granular synthesis of a sample of singer and composer Lata Mangeshkar juxtaposes against FM synthesis to create a lush sonic environment, collaborating with real-time interactive visuals. This work challenges the user to break free from habits of passive listening and to rely upon their ears as much as their eyes. Premiered at the Granoff Center of the Creative Arts at Brown University in May 2018.